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LEAD ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. was founded in 2000, with independent plant 6,000 square meters, composed of five professional technical team. Is a collection of scientific research, development, production, export trade in one of the professional lighting appliances high-tech enterprises. The company mainly produces and operates with wine cabinets, antique cabinets, dishes cabinets, TV cabinets and other furniture sets of lighting products. As a major supplier of professional furniture lighting industry, it has established strategic cooperative relations with more than 60 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia successively. The products enjoy world-wide reputation and a high reputation in the industry.

Sheng-hui with professional technical team and advanced production equipment continue to push out a new product innovation focus on research and development, advocating scientific and humane design concept, to build a more harmonious and healthy space for development, with 8 products related to the independent development of patents. And strict implementation of product details standards, all products have passed UL, CUL, CE certification, to ensure better product quality, higher efficiency, longer life and so on.

The company always adhere to the "scientific management, service sincerity, high quality and efficiency, Hou Deli" objective, the establishment of orders, research and development, production, testing, production and logistics in an integrated service system to ensure efficient and prompt operation of mechanisms to strengthen the furniture industry Lighting support services for the development of the industry to make greater contribution!

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